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Sidekick Stories

Hank & Kimberly

This beautiful boy was shared with us via Facebook. His mom Kimberly saved him from the desert where he was found all alone. Check out the story below.

Submitted by Kimberly, April 2014: 

Here’s our little ambassador, Hank! Yes he is big and some might think he’s a little scary looking but he is the BIGGEST baby and so sweet!! He’s about a year old and we’ve had him for about seven months. We found him out in the desert while we where camping last summer. We think he was dumped out there and had been on his own for quite a while because of the terrible condition he was in. He’s doing much better now, gaining weight, getting constant love, and living a spoiled dog’s life!! Our other two dogs have welcomed him into their little pack and they all are friends, playing and snoozing together!! We love him like crazy!!