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Sidekick Stories

Kobe & Melanie

Melanie found us on Instagram and submitted Kobe’s rescue story! He was saved from Taiwan! Read it below.

Submitted by Melanie, April 2014:

Kobe was found in a bush with his siblings and mother, in Taiwan after a nasty storm. Out of his 7 siblings only four brothers survived. A shelter volunteer found them and brought them into one of the local shelters. Once old enough Kobe and one other brother were flown to Vancouver, Canada thanks to CERA dogs society ( Kobe then took a BC Ferrie to Victoria to meet his foster family. We found Kobe on a local site ( that was posted by his foster mom. My boyfriend and I mutually decided to apply for a home check and  within a 6 days and a visit we had our baby boy :) Now we keep in contact with his two brothers (who were adopted to the same home) and the last brother in Taiwan will be available for adoption soon :)